Tears in the car.

by Cranky Guest
husband shouldn't yell when you are pregnant

Claudia, London, UK:

Pregnancy hormones are an incredible thing and can make tears appear from no where.  I remembered the time when I was 34 weeks pregnant and my husband yelled at me. I had skimmed the curb in a parking lot. Granted we were in a hire car and he had just told me moments before that I was aiming for it. It really was not a big deal, truly it was so minor. It was one of those I think you hit the curb but didn’t really even feel it moments. Maybe just maybe my husband should have been driving – just saying. Also, I am going to add here that I am a very good driver.

So with the pregnancy hormones in full swing what evolved from that every day tiff was a guttural heaving sob that escaped from somewhere deep in my body. It took over me and I had no way to stop it.  Has this ever happened to you? I can be completely honest and say I continued sob-choking in this fashion, at varying degrees for the remainder of the day. My husband was too afraid to talk in fear of his life, we eventually arrived from the M3 at a house viewing with my eyes bloodshot, face swollen and tears still streaming! I can only imagine what the estate agent was thinking when he saw the two of us. My husband never underestimated the power of my pregnancy hormones again! Nor do I think he would ever ever ever yell at me in the car again pregnant or not.