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by Cranky Guest

Mr Cranky’s Mom:

I am Mr Cranky’s mom and love being a mom. Here are a few of my stories from when I was pregnant.


I began to lose my mind halfway through my pregnancy (actually both pregnancies). I often didn’t make sense when I spoke, I had no memory and was mostly confused. I was not mentally ill…The hormones were ravaging my brain!
In addition, I began to drop things. Huh? No one warned me about these two pregnancy “side effects.”
With a little questioning, I discovered the body releases hormones to relax the ligaments of the pelvis in preparation for delivery. Apparently, relaxin loosens ALL the ligaments of the body. Hence the laxity in my hands and my inability to grasp and hold things.
My husband dubbed it LIGAMENTAL disease. Get it? The words ligament and mental combined.
By the way, we still use that word now, many years later, when I either forget something or trip. “It must be the ligamental disease.” Funny back then. Not so funny anymore.

Labor time

The start of labor was obvious with my first child. But the second was very different. We had moved our son into his big boy room with his big boy bed so I had the opportunity to begin repainting the new baby’s room. I had chosen boy wallpaper and girl wallpaper but figured I could at least get a start on painting the trim. I was up on the ladder and kept getting a “side stitch.” You know, it’s the one you get when you run. So I took periodic rests and continued to paint. I had no clue it was the start of labor. A totally different experience than the first pregnancy. No one told me that this was even a possibility!


In labor with my second child, we left the house at 2 am to head to the hospital. All quiet on the roads at that time of night, of course. My husband stopped at the corner, at the first red light. WHAAAT? WHY ARE YOU STOPPING? He tried to defend himself but I kept screaming at him, “GO GO GO!”


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Beth May 6, 2021 - 10:08 pm

These are so funny!!

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