Week 11 – Mr Cranky gets seriously cranky!

by Miss Cranky
Miss. Cranky:

Continuing to remain under full lockdown can bring out your crankiness even if you are not pregnant. I have been working hard to not be stroppy because I know how much it’s not good for me (though less content for you). I have learnt to embrace the cranky episodes and laugh at myself. During this time in particular I have thoroughly enjoyed reading and hearing about other people’s ill-tempered foibles because it makes me feel that little bit more “normal”. At the start of this week I made a conscious effort not to be cranky. Little did I know this was THE WEEK that Mr. Cranky would be fully non-stop cranky – utterly irascible day and night, night and day.

Wow, watching someone else’s grumpiness is exhausting and doesn’t seem anywhere nearly as fun as laughing through my own. To be fair to Mr. Cranky, he was fighting a virus – no, not the ubiquitous coronavirus nor a “man flu.” I will be at least so kind and say this. So, really, he had a reasonable excuse to be as cranky as he wanted to be. I learnt that, apparently, being pregnant makes me a terrible nurse. [Mr. Cranky: Not sure this can be blamed on our baby] The first time my nursing skills were unfairly attacked was when I went into our bedroom to check on him when he had yet another fever and give him more water to stay hydrated. He told me to leave him alone and my response was: “FINE, then DIE if you won’t listen to me.” It was at this point he told me I was a terrible nurse and my only thought was, I hope I make a better mother.

While Mr. Cranky was full-on crank pants, I have been working hard to look after myself and tell myself a slightly kinder narrative. Seeing the scales go up weekly has had a huge effect on me and not in a positive way. They say I shouldn’t be gaining quite as much weight as I have been. But, at the moment, really the only things I can eat are pasta, bread (a whole loaf sometimes) and crackers with cheese. Everything else makes me want to hug the toilet bowl. So it’s been “carbs galore” and therefore the scales reflect this….and the BLOATING. But NO MORE beating myself up! I am, after all, creating a human being, even if it is only the size of a strawberry right now. Changing my mindset was not so easy but now I do a little dance after being on the scales. In actual fact I have been dancing away my cranks lately. I have been turning on my favourite songs and dancing in the kitchen and this really has made me the happiest I have been in awhile. [Mr. Cranky: All of the aforementioned weight gain was needed, normal, encouraged and all going to the best places…. Also, dancing totally works, she’s convinced me.]

By the end of the week Mr. Cranky started feeling better which was a huge relief because if it had continued, his mom would have had to come stay and me move out. I was giving myself an inner congratulations for no proper cranky episodes this week but then…the stove would not work for me. More accurately it wouldn’t light for me, but it would do for Mr. Cranky. So he decided to give me “a lesson in how to light the stove.” As you could guess, I saw a cranky light instead and if he wasn’t too careful, there would be a full explosion. Just as it was about to turn into a rage, Mr. Cranky looked at me and said, “you look different – you have the glow!” And that sentence killed the cranky fire. We both did a little dance of joy.

It was true, that at the end of week 11, I had more colour in my face, more energy in my step and an actual glow. Now the glow has happened and I am hoping/praying it doesn’t disappear!

Mr. Cranky:

It’s true, Miss Cranky is not the best nurse, but neither am I the best patient. I really was sicker than I had been for many years – high fever for more than a week can really make you unhappy. It’s too easy to forget this when in good health. My Grandpa once (every time we spoke) told me: Health is the main thing! It’s difficult to have much else to contribute this week – I spent it all in bed sweating! Thanks Miss Cranky for insisting we change the sheets.