Week 16 – Cankles for Sale

by Miss Cranky
Cankles for sale
Miss Cranky:

I have never been on eBay before. I am always late to any technology or website party. But I decided to give it a go. Why? The reason was that I have a pair of boots that I have worn TWICE. They are soooo cool. They are probably a bit too cool for me at this point. In fact, looking at them makes me feel cranky now because, as you might guess, I have cankles that don’t even come close to fitting into them. 

The box takes up too much space, just knowing they are in the cupboard unable to be worn by moi makes my inner beast stir every time I walk past. Mr. Cranky and I thought it was funny the first time he had to help my cankles into my new boots – doing so required me holding on to the wall for support. The second time was not so funny and and since it nearly ended up in an argument for peace sake I packed them away. [Mr. C: PUSH!!!!!! Come on, PUSH!!!!! I can see an overly obvious parallel forming here…]

They stayed packed away until one day this week when I decided to sign up to ebay and post the boots, proudly with box and all. I posted them for half the price I bought them for and I was tempted to title the listing Cankles for Sale. It was incredulous when the bids came in. They eventually sold more for what I bought them for which was a very exciting and a highlight of the last month.  [Mr. C: There were many flashbacks to my years working an IT Helpdesk this week]

I think I understand how people get hooked. I am now looking around the flat for anything and everything else I can sell, secretly hoping Mr. C goes away again so I can sell his stuff too!!!! This week was a relatively crank-free week. I’d like to think it was because I am intentionally trying to try enjoy this pregnancy and know that being irascible every week isn’t good for me or anyone else around me. The emotions are overwhelming and scary at times but I actually succeeded in handling them better this week. I have more energy too which has helped. 

On the other hand I have lost all of my dignity around Mr C. In some ways the fact that he has seen it all (and smelt it all) there really is no where to go but up! So I am doing my best to find the humour in that. I truly imagined I would be a superstar while pregnant but have really struggled with all the changes that have come my way. The one thing I have taken pleasure in is writing this blog and reading other people’s stories. Learning to love and embrace the new version of me is a challenge I am willing to accept. I know in time I will look back and say was I really that cranky? [Mr. C: And I will be right by your side to say “oh my lord yes you were.” 

Mr. Cranky:

It is true, it almost felt like there was a rhythm reached this week. I’m trying not to get too excited because I’ve heard this is what could happen postpartum. A mistaken feeling of control and routine and then BOOM, everything changes yet again. Given the dire state of the world I am focused on being thankful for the gift of a newly-enthusiastic internet seller willing to pawn my crap on eBay for me. I know the resulting £17.65 will come in handy soon.