Week 18 – White hair and love handles

by Miss Cranky
Miss. Cranky

This week was one crank after the next. We had emotions all over the place and it all started off with our puppy. Our puppy was behaving out of sorts – she was not eating or going to the toilet and refused to walk. Obviously, the fear sinks in and I called the vet immediately. They asked for a video. Yes, that’s the sort of world we live in now (thank you Covid)!!! So, I sent them a video and within minutes they told me to come in. I raced to the vet, a 45 min drive across London while holding my breath, telling myself everything is going to be ok. I handed her over to the nurse limp and almost lifeless, or at least that’s how it felt. The nurse was very sympathetic to the puppy and gave me a concerned look and not the reassuring one I was hoping for. Five minutes later our puppy comes bounding out and jumped into my lap. The vet came out to say that our puppy was “milking it” and that I have a drama queen on my hands [Mr. C: I’m quite used to having drama queens in my life by now]. Finally, I let out a huge sigh of relief. Yes, this is actually a thing and more importantly, there was nothing wrong with her. Very annoyed but also very happily I left. This gave me the first glimmer of what it will feel like when Babka is with us. If I have managed to keep one plant alive and one puppy alive SURELY I have what it takes to be a great mother.


The cranks continued. I was stressed about my new Cranky Cankles website and kept wondering what in the blazes was I thinking in creating it. I started to doubt my creativity and stopped enjoying it. This is probably not the right starting point, mentally, for motherhood. Just as I was going to give up I started to receive some wonderful feedback and even more stories full of cranks were submitted. I have enjoyed working together with Mr. C or, more accurately, sending him my drafts and him spending two hours trying to decrypt what I have written and adding his thoughts [Mr. C: 59 edits so far in this doc and counting…though I think we hit 300+ in some of them!]. So, after the brief wobble, I decided that I am not giving up and I will see this project through.

I ended this week with the most phenomenal cranky episode of all time. First of all Mr. C told me how much he loves my new love handles. And if that wasn’t enough, that he lovecs the new white hair!!!!! Wait, WHAT?! I have white hair?! When did this happen? I certainly didn’t have any before this pregnancy, or so I am telling myself. He said he loves seeing the few thick ones that stick out!!!! How have I not seen them? You can only imagine how I was feeling and what came out of my mouth so I will leave it there.


Mr. Cranky

I suppose, despite considering myself a sensitive type and having the experience of several long-term relationships (and a marriage) before this I am still prone to make the same (stereo)typical male blunders as many others. All I can do is profess that I truly meant what I said in a complimentary fashion – Miss C was far too skinny for my tastes – I need SOMETHING to hold on to 😉 [ Miss. C : For once I am speechless].