What to wear?

by Cranky Guest

Mrs B, Long Island, USA

What is wrong with some people? A friend of mine had her son a year before me. She insisted on knowing what I planned to wear to the bris…if I had a boy, obviously. She asked me this question every time I spoke to her for the month or so before delivery. Nothing short of harassment. According to her standards, it was a badge of honor to be able to wear a straight skirt a week after delivery. No old maternity clothes for her! Lacking confidence, I insisted that yes, I would buy a slim skirt for the occasion. I felt a lot of pressure to meet her standards.

Subsequently, I thought about shopping for a slim-line skirt but instead chose a gorgeous flared dress that was going to fit comfortably. Who cares how flat my stomach looks? I just had an eight pound person come out of my body. Confidently went to my son’s bris wearing my beautiful new dress. I even bought hot pink tights to wear with it! How dare she? I haven’t spoken to her in years.